The interview that I conducted from the children comprises of the following questions

کراچی ویسٹ پولیس نے کارروائی کے دوران گینگ ریپ کے ملزمان کو دھر لیا، 29جنوری کو 13سالہ لڑکی کے والد کی مدعیت میں مقدمہ درج ہوا تھا۔

ایس پی انویسٹی گیشن ویسٹ عابد حسین قائم خانی کے مطابق تھانہ اورنگی ٹاون میں نامعلوم ملزمان کے خلاف درج مقدمے میں مدعی محمد شعیب خان نے رپورٹ درج کرائی تھی جس کے مطابق 13سالہ بیٹی کو ملزمان نے اغوا کیا گیا۔

پولیس نے کارروائی کرتے ہوئے لڑکی کو بازیاب کیا اور نشاندہی پر مختلف علاقوں میں چھاپے مارے گئے، کارروائی میں ملزمان اسفندیار اور انتظار خان کو گرفتار کر لیا گیا، لڑکی اور گرفتارملزمان کا ڈی این اے بھی کرایا گیا۔ ملزم عادل خان کی تلاش جاری ہے۔

 INTERVIEW: The interview that I conducted from the children comprises of the following questions. (i) Are you ever frustrated at home by the parents and siblings due to negligence ? (ii) Do your teachers and parents help you in managing your homework and other activities at home? (iii) Have your teacher ever asked about problems that you face at home? Conclusion of the interview: Children told different stories about their schedule and management at home. The answers of the interview questions were mixed in positive and negative responses which indicated that some teachers are interested in managing the children at home and others are not. confidence of the children in learning. 14 Teachers can help children in the improvement of the children at home by adopting techniques for the children. 68% 20% 4% 3% 5% 15 Teachers should use audio visual aids to improve the management of the children at home. 63% 17% 3% 13% 4% Question.10: Summary of the Project I conducted the research study on the topic “ Managing the children at home” to highlight the impact of managing the children time at home on the learning of the children and wanted to show the importance of managing children at home. I explained the problems and difficulties faced by the teachers and also the difficulties faced by the children at home. I also tried to explain the literature study of the topic and views of different philosophers and scholars on the topic. I also highlighted the importance of managing the children at home. I clearly explained the research question, topic, limits and significance of the topic in the study. In my research study, I found that to what extent teachers try to managing the children at home by different type of activities. To conduct the research study I selected my school in my District

I selected the teachers and children randomly. The target population was 100 that included 5 teachers 95 children. I adopted descriptive method of research. I prepared a questionnaire regarding the managing of the children at home. I distributed the performa among participants and collected after participants have solved/ filled the performa. I also observed the classroom and taught lesson and I concluded the results. Moreover, I took interviews of the children regarding teachers’ attitude towards the management of the children at home and the present condition of the children regarding the managing the children at home. I analyzed the results and arranged them in tabular form. I put the findings in the percentage results of the responses. By analyzing results I found that there is very low skills in teachers and children regarding managing the children at home. I found that there is a need to increase the skill of managing the children at home the children with the guidance of the teachers and involvement of the parents. I concluded that it must be increased through classroom activities and different techniques adopted by the teachers. So through this research study I wanted to bring the focus of teachers to improve managing the children at home among children as this are essential for better learning. Question. 11:

How do you feel about this practice? What have you learnt? The focus of my research study was on the importance of managing the children at home for better learning of the children. Teachers in my school are aware of the fact that managing the children at home might be beneficial for the development of their childrens’ learning. I learnt if a teacher wants to make his/ her children successful he/she must adopt the children to precisely manage activities and it can not be done until parents are not involved in this process. I feel that if behavior of the children’s is properly managed , they may improve their ideas learning and concepts without any stress or distress. The creative skill of children’s can be improved. There is always a space for improvement in any learning activity that can be healthier if children at home are properly managed. I could not pay attention to all of the interesting topics and issues which may be helpful in managing the children at home as a tool for teaching learning process offers for investigation. I believe that the topic will be further explored in the future, as it gradually receives more and more attention among teachers of managing the children at home by the educators worldwide. I believe the discussion of using managing the children at home as a tool for teaching and learning as well as the questionnaire survey raised awareness of the issue at least among those who took part in the research and that the teachers will possibly try to find information about the tool on their own and try using some of the activities in their lessons in order to help their children’s develop better behavioral approaches as well as raise their motivation and self-esteem. Hence this study changed my views regarding teaching and adopting my profession as teacher. Question. 12: What has added to your professional skills as a teacher? After my research study I assume that the problem with managing the children at home is not its wrongly-believed time consuming character, but rather the fact that teachers are not informed enough about it and that they do not know about any useful materials. They also mostly do not know any colleague using managing the children at home on a regular basis and thus they do not know anyone they could consult the issue with. Being able to communicate with not only your children’s but with parents and staff is an essential skill for developing management of the children at home . Think about it: Almost all of a teacher’s day is spent communicating with children’s and colleagues so it is crucial to be able to talk clear and concise in order to get your point across. Teachers may spend their days imparting knowledge to others, but that doesn’t mean they should stop learning themselves.

Whether they choose to take classes, read books, or just talk with their colleagues, professional development offers a chance to become a better and wiser teacher. There are numerous resources out there on the web, making finding, sharing, and accessing great tools for development easier than ever. In order my research to be complete it is inevitable to pay attention also to possible obstacles that might occur while managing the children at home. To uncover and describe them I asked the teachers who use the tool to state whether they encountered any problems. I was also interested in what teachers see as a possible weakness on their side, whether they see management of their time and activities at home a rather positive or negative tool and whether they see themselves as competent enough for using this tool. It can be seen from the results of this study that children are motivated having managed schedules of time and activities at home. They are interested to manage themselves and increase creativity in their learning process. Moreover, their response towards managing their activities suggests that teachers should give them more opportunities by providing help and time for their better learning by the activities. SURVEY QUESTIONAIRE (Appendix-A) Respected Students, Assalam-o-Alaikum! I feel great honor to have your attention to my personal as well as National educational cause. I am a student of B.Ed. Program at Allama Iqbal Open University and working on my research topic “MANAGING THE CHILDREN AT HOME” You are requested to kindly spare your precious time for filling up this questionnaire. I ensure you that this information will be used only for research purpose.

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