Check Activated Jazz Packages on SIM

How to check dynamic jazz packs in jazz sim. Usually our SIM balance would be deducted. We are worried because we have rebalanced the jazz and all balance is gone.

Why did this happen?

This is because of the packet receivers on our Jazz SIM. This package includes daily charges deducted from our Jazz SIM balance. If only we had enough SIM balance. These fees have been collected and the fees for all packages have been reduced when we top up or top up our SIM balance.

There are three common ways to check for jazz packages running on your SIM. This will allow you to disable all packages on Jazz SIM. You can also check the status of jazz packages.

1. Call the helpLine

Jazz provides its customers with the best customer service. You can call the Jazz helpline (111) and ask a Jazz representative to disable all packages. you don’t need

2. SMS to 6611

Are you sending SMS from the mailing list to Next Jazz (6611)? You have received a list of all packages activated on your SIM. You can rewrite these messages one by one and change the inbox package name (space). Your package will be deactivated / unsubscribed.

Jazz disabled all packages
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Remove all jazz packages

See all active jazz packages

3. Via the Jazz World app

Download Jazz World app from Play Store. Enter your Logan number details through the Jazz World app. After logging into the panel, you will see more options. Click on this option and you will see all packages animated on your Jazz SIM. You can remove them one by one by clicking the Unsubscribe button.

Jazz stopped taking all packages
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How to check dynamic jazz packs in jazz sim.

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